Workers Compensation


Everybody has the right to come home from work each day free of injury. However that it not always the outcome for everybody. According to Workcover Tasmania, there are approximately 10,000 reported workplace injuries in Tasmania every year. Some of these may be considered minor injuries but others involve significant injury and substantial disruption to the workers lifestyle and income. While the focus of the law is on rehabilitation and returning workers to their employment, this may not always be possible.

At Tasmanian Compensation Lawyers we are experienced in making workers compensation claims on behalf of people who have been injured at work.

If you have been injured at work in Tasmania, it is likely that your entitlements will be determined by the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act. Since its introduction in 1988, this Act has been amended numerous time. Workers rights to compensation are continually being modified and are sometimes heavily restricted or removed altogether.



If you want to make a claim you need to obtain a claim form from your employer to complete and give back to them. If you cannot obtain one from your employer or their workers compensation insurer, you can download one by clicking  – HERE.

As a result it is important to obtain specific advice about your rights. Certain time limits apply to claims and you may miss out on your entitlements if you do not act quickly. The Act also sets out what your obligations are in the event that you make a claim. Failing to comply with these requirements may mean that your compensation will cease.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of your employment we suggest you contact us at Tasmanian Compensation Lawyers to discuss your rights and obligations.