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New workers compensation forms 2024

After using the same claim form for many years, Worksafe Tasmania has introduced a new version. This applies to claims after 1 February 2024.

The new form has some practical improvements over the old one including;

- the ability to go into much more detail about what happened.
- the ability to go into much more detail about your injuries.
- the ability to include more detail of anyone who may have witnessed the incident.

The previous form had very little space to include these details, particularly if the circumstances surrounding the incident were not simple or straightforward.It is usually better to provide as much detail as possible on the claim form. Failing to have sufficient detail in the past has resulted in the employer doing their own investigation to fill in the gaps and eventually disputing the claim based on a different set of facts.

The new form can be found at the Worksafe website here:

Worksafe Tasmania

There is a version of the form which can be downloaded to print and another version which can be filled out online if you don't have a printer.

You should also note that your claim will still be valid even if you use the old form. Section 34 of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act says that a defect, omission or irregularity in the form shall not affect the validity of the claim but there are some exceptions.

As always, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice specific to your circumstances.

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